Friday, December 1, 2006


The last few days have consisted of many futile attempts to begin projects, only to discover unforgiveable mistakes. Just frogged that lacey bit when I discovered I had too many stitches. Also not happy with the yarn I received for the "big" project and will probably have to start that over.

Frustrated, but take it as a sign that I need to slow down and relax. The holidays whipped me into a knitting frenzy and I wanted to give everyone a special gift. I will persist--but tonight I will take a rest. When I get obsessive like this, nothing comes out right.

Frogging is depressing, but part of the learning process. I see no point in continuing to work on something that is dissatisfying or incorrect. Frogging helps me to view what I knit as a process rather than an end product, and after having a good cry I realize that the next time I will build it again even better. This is part of the zen of knitting, which I am only starting to understand.

Plus, there's a certain thrill in the popping of those unravelling stitches:

Excited to say that tomorrow we will go to the city and I will lay my eyes and hands on some fresh yarn. I've decided that getting certain yarn on the internet is a bad idea. The whole point of buying yarn is the tactile and visual sensation, and it's very hard to replicate that experience online unless you know exactly what you're getting. But with the Manos, there is too much variation in the dye and it's necessary to handpick the skeins. Hopefully I will find what I need tomorrow.